Well, it’s been one year since Pivot opened its doors in Los Angeles, and we can confidently say that we are sufficiently tanner, or at least tannish.

But there were a few other highlights from 2015 as well, as we got to make some strange and beautiful music with some of our favorite people and brands.

Here’s the year in review, at least the way we heard it.

Nike - The Future Is Fast

Director - Yann Demange
Production Company - Stink
Agency - Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Music- Pivot Audio

We learned the difference between futbol and football with our friends at Wieden and Kennedy.

In an epic film directed by Yann Demange, pint-sized ballers collide with the NFL’s biggest and baddest— as our remix of Sam and Dave’s ‘Hold on I’m Coming’ moves the mayhem along.


Xbox Halo 5 - A Hero Falls

Director - Henry Hobson
Production Company - Furlined
Agency - 215 McCann, Sun Fransisco
Music & Sound Design - Pivot Audio

Agency 215 asked us to score the demise of the seemingly indestructible Master Chief. And we brought the gloom.

Tragedy on an epic scale, from director Henry Hobson, which promptly set the internet on fire.


Adidas - Create Your Own Game

Director - Henry-Alex Rubin
Production Company - Smuggler
Agency - 72 and Sunny, Los Angeles
Music - Pivot Audio, Guy Amitai and Junkie XL Remix of Two Fingers’s Saint Rhythm

There will never be another Lionel Messi. Nor should there be. Adidas believes footballers should forge their own style and their own legend. And with a little help from our remix of Two Fingers’ Saints Rhythm, this film from 72 and Sunny and director Henry Alex-Rubin makes that point in Spades.


Samsung - We Are Greater Than I

Director - Eliot Rausch
Production Company - Stink          
Agency - 72andSunny, Amsterdam
Music  - Pivot Audio

How do you make a moving tribute to surfing and the people who love it? HINT: You don’t use the song, ‘Wipeout.’  So we didn’t. Instead, we worked with 72 and Sunny (Amsterdam) and director Eliot Rausch, and gave the waves the respect their due.


Night Shift
Director - Noam Murro
Music & Sound Design - Pivot Audio, featuring Paul Dukas's “The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Reimagining a Disney classic. Gulp. No pressure. But when director Noam Murro tasked us with bringing his new vision for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ to life, we rolled up our sleeves and followed the sage advice of the Queen of Drag, Ru Paul— “Don’t fuck it up!”


Infinite thanks to all involved for trusting us with their big and beautiful ideas. Looking forward to more of the same in 2016. Your friends at Pivot.